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About Our Dog Training & Trainers in Melbourne, FL

DePaul k9 Academy was developed by Carol DePaul in Melbourne, Florida. We focus on helping people create a balanced relationship  through obedience, leadership, socialization  and behavior modification with their dogs. This will help you have a useful member of your household and a loving pet, also give the owner the foundation to achieve other levels of training. Initially, we will evaluate what is going on with you and your dog to help everyone, and to be more functional to create a more relaxed atmosphere at home.  From the very moment we bring a dog into our lives, we need to adjust our behaviors, as well as be a good leader for our dogs. Our energy around our dogs speaks volume to either encourage bad behaviors or good ones.

To be successful with your dog and create the bond, he must learn to trust you as his leader, therefore  through applied training with the trainer and being consistent with training, even after you have completed your sessions will guarantee you have developed the human- dog relationship. Be open, receptive, patient and willing to learn and you will have the dog you always hoped to have, a well balanced member of your pack!



My name is Carol DePaul, Owner/Trainer of DePaul K9 Academy. I train as a balanced trainer, this means positive and negative reinforcement training.  I use real life , real world situations with your dog. For 20 years I have worked in the medical profession and during that time, over 12 years have been training dogs and working with horses for people with disabilities. I have always had a passion to help people and love for animals. When I retired from the medical profession, I felt the best way to continue helping, was to combine both passions together.

At DePaul K9 Academy you will work with a dog trainer in your home using positive re-enforcement, desensitization and counter conditioning. We will take into account challenges you are facing with your dog and initiate a plan to help you accomplish what is needed to correct the behavior. We help you establish a balance between you and your dog that will create a bond of trust and respect, which in turn aids in overcoming past challenges with your dog. We feel it is even more important as trainers to focus on educating you, so you have the understanding needed to be successful with your dog.

Our dogs depend on us, they need direction and need to know who is their pack leader. Dogs have a need to be social and feel secure within their pack. That is where we come in! Once you understand how to communicate with your dog you will then have the necessary tools to work with your dog in a positive way. To establish your role as a leader you need to understand what it means to be a pack leader. You will need to learn to read your dog’s body language, just as he reads yours. This will involve communication through energy and voice control. This will help you identify when your dog is in trouble and when he is faking; when he’s fighting mad or just being a bully or when something is urgent. Knowing his place, limits, rules, boundaries will give your dog a sense of order and security.

At DePaul K9 Academy we know you have put your trust in us to make sure your dog receives the attention they need. By keeping owners up to date and informed with every decision regarding the well-being of their dog you are assured peace of mind of services rendered.

DePaul K9 Academy DOES NOT USE or CONDONE "Alpha/Dominance" techniques, or using "heavy hands" during dog training. These methods are harmful and out-dated, and will ultimately break the trust bond between the dog and handler.

 Every  dog deserves a second chance!!!!