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Board and Train Programs

Dogs that have been receiving dog training in Melbourne, FL.



​​​​​​​​Board and Train  (Credit Card 2.75% processing fee)


$ 862.50-7 day  for owners need to get a jump start on basic obedience that does not have time to work with dog. This applies to dogs that have already had previous training.

Additional weeks​ discuss with trainer. 

$1725-2 weeks   for owners need to get a jump start on basic obedience that does not have time to work with dog)

 Additional weeks​ discuss with trainer


​​$3450-4 week- Obedience/behavior modification program


​$500 Deposit to hold date for board and train​


​​Your dog will be a part of the family and will live in my home while in training.

To ensure that you are successful  we pick real life situations for your dog that teaches him to stay focused on you, walk at your pace, learn how to ignore distractions . All breeds are welcome regardless of size or past history.​ The purpose for the board and train programs are for dogs  that need the one on one constant training, exhibit anxiety, fear anxiety, dog aggression, fear aggression, human aggression and have issues with biting dogs or humans.

If you feel that you do not have the time and need to get your dog on track right away, we offer a two week accelerated  program.  This option is great for owners that need their dogs  exposed to high levels of distractions. By interacting 7 days a week 24 hours  this regimen  will improve human-canine relationship.  The program is intensive and effective and  includes day to day structure, rules, socialization, and supervised play. This program is NOT for dogs with serious behavioral issues.

The 4 week program for dogs with more serious behavior problems is best suited. If your dog is severe red zone case, I will refer you to a trainer that deals with these type of cases on a day to day basis.

Our board and train programs offers an intense training program, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  The programs are developed to eliminate unwanted bad behaviors and create structure for your dog by implementing obedience on a daily routine, that will be successful for you and your dog.  Your dog will be trained to understand boundaries, rules, socialization and supervised playtime with other dogs.   

During your dogs stay  it is at the trainer’s home.  All exercise, play, and training is conducted under the trainer’s direct supervision. 


​We specialize in state-of-the-art, low-level, communication-style E-Collar training. Our E-Collar program is very effective and the most soft and gentle remote training to communicate with your dog. THIS IS NOT A SHOCK  COLLAR! We do not shock or zap your dog . The collar has different levels, but I have found low level pressure on and off to the dog is most effective and the most humane approach to dog training. This does not mean all dogs are trained with this tool, but the option is available or if needed we will train you to use the collar..  This collar is a great tool for dogs to be trained off leash and found to be most effective for dogs that are going deaf or are deaf.  Deaf dogs need to be retrained on hand signals and different ways to approach them, so they do not feel threatened.  There is a vibration mode that works great to train deaf dogs on this tool.


-$862.50- 7 days design to give your dog a refresher to help you get on your way.  Your dog will be working with a trainer 3-4 times throughout the day with basic commands, any behaviors that need to be addressed, as well as structured walks each day with proper heeling techniques.

-$1725- 14 days-  (this program is popular for owners that need to jump start the obedience with intense training 7 days a week) we also address minor behavioral issues, and use different distraction techniques. Commands that will be taught are: ​sit/stay, down/stay, recall (come command), place command, threshold control (waiting to go out a door, load in and out a car), walk politely on leash, crate training, how to change dogs state of mind from fear and anxieties that resulted in lunging at humans and other dogs, biting humans/dogs, growling and pack order by implementing leadership skills.

-$3450- 30 days- Behavior Modification/Rehabilitation Program - this program is for dogs that have human aggression, dog-to-dog aggression, severe resource guarding, that are reactive on a leash towards dogs or humans . Muzzles will be used if necessary to prevent bites.

In addition to all of the basic skills and commands listed in the Two-Week Obedience Program (above), this program includes a 30-minute consultation on the first day, at the end of the program plan to stay for a 2 hour follow-up where we will transfer all of the information, techniques, and strategies to you to insure continued success, and a final 1-hour follow-up one to two weeks later.

Each dog may use a top-of-the-line Educator E-Collar, as well as a prong/training collar.
*Prices do not include e-collar.  The collar ranges in price from $179.00-$289.00, depending on the needs of your dog. Not all dogs are trained with the e-collar this will be discussed with the owner.

**If your dog is having severe behavior problems additional weeks may be required.  After a consultation or early in the board and train process this will be discussed. 

​Space for rehabilitation is very limited. For the benefit and safety of your dog I only take one dog per rehabilitation period, so call and sign up today. Balance is only a phone call away.

 Client is to pick up and drop off their dogs for board and train program.​


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