TBA (​To Be announced)  Check back with us! NO GROUP SCHEDULED AT THIS TIME

​Graduation  at the end of 5 weeks.  

Dogs that pass the course will be given a Basic Obedience Certificate

6 week course- First meeting will be without your dog, discuss the training plan.

Group Rate: $98.00 p/person- at facility 

Obedience Training 16 weeks and older- 

​Puppy training younger than 16 weeks we work with puppy intro work.

Private Lessons 6 weeks- $515.00 at facility


Group Class- Basic
DePaul K9 Academy  implements the fundamentals for you and your dog by teaching a 6 week obedience course. The first week we meet without your puppy to discuss the plan and type of training and goals we are o accomplish in our 5 week training .We use positive motivation techniques that the dog is rewarded by praise, play and treats. You will need to bring your dogs special treats for motivation, preferably a soft chewy treat.  These are quick to chew so we can move on to the next exercise. Training collars and leash size will be discussed in our first session.

We have many  training tools in our tool box we use to accomplish the goals needed for your dogs. We do not believe in order to accomplish the attention of the dog there needs to be any pulling, yanking, or jerking on your dog. Dogs are willing to learn, you need  to give clear communication to them of what you are asking them to do.

DePaul K9 Academy  training methods are highly motivational. We believe that your dog should perform this exercise out of mutual trust and respect. Obedience training should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both the dog and the owner and in turn  will give you and your dog a lasting bond between you and your family. Your dog should be at least 16 weeks old and current on all shots.

Please send a copy of shot records to carol@depaulk9academy.com or bring to your first class.

The 5 week  basic obedience class covers more than basic commands, it will teach your dog to have:

Proper manners

Handling skills

Improves your relationship with your dog

Helps teach your canine gain self control.  

Address most  common behavioral issues

In this class you will teach your dog:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come when called
  • ​Leave it
  • ​Heel on leash

Socialization plays an important role in a dog's world, so we encourage your dog to get to know his furry friends next to him but remember  to show respect and give him space, this will ensure he is comfortable working along side of  other dogs.

At the end of the 5-week class our goal is to have your dog listening and paying attention enthusiastically to your body language and commands.

Intermediate Class ( need to have been through puppy education and basic obedience through DePaul K9 Academy or by another training facility, will be evaluated before entering class))

Wouldn’t it be nice if your trained dog could stay in place while you walked into the other room for a few minutes? Or how nice it would be to have your dog stay by your side when going through a crowd of people? If your dog already knows basic cues, our Intermediate Education course can help your pet achieve the same results in situations involving more distance, duration and distractions .

This program is structured to review behaviors already learned

  • Longer sit/stay
  • Longer down/stays
  • Added distractions
  • Off Lead
  • Learn “heel,” “wait” “place" & more

Advanced Class-(pre-requisite intermediate class) No scheduled classes at this time

This course covers supervised separation, impressive tricks and other special behaviors, and it enforces cues learned in earlier phases. In addition to the excitement and pride you’ll experience from having a dog that can behave reliably in the real world, you’ll receive a graduation diploma to mark your accomplishments.

  • Helps dogs master advanced behaviors & tricks
  • We work on supervised separation
  • Play games to build reliability
  • Practice behaviors with increased distractions

No dogs allowed in class with major fear or aggression issues. These dogs will best be suited for a private one-on-one training,  see our private one on one training page

**After we receive your enrollment form an invoice will be sent to your email for payment to schedule your place in class.

Group Classes