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All evaluations/ consultations will be 1-1.5 hour.  Each additional hour will be an additional charge.

Please select which package you would like to enroll in, after you pay, return to page and select enroll button to fill out form.  We will be notified we will contact you to schedule sessions.​​​​​​​​​​​​

You will receive homework assignments each week to work on till next session.

​​Private Lessons

10 weeks of age- Puppy Introduction, health certificate required

16 weeks of age current on vaccinations


Evaluation/consultation- 1-1.5 hour $110.00 cash, check, credit card, additional time $95.00 - In home

Packages (must be completed within 6 weeks to be effective for you and your dog)

Behavior Modification- $135.00 p/session (clients home) More time is involved for behavior modification

Obedience Training-5 weeks 1-1.5 hr $550.00-(Clients Home)

(Sessions must be completed within 7 weeks to be effective for you and your dog)

 Intermediate Training-1-1.5 hr 5 week $550.00 (Clients Home)

 (Sessions must be completed within 7 weeks to be effective for you and your dog)

 Single additional sessions if needed $95.00 ( discuss with trainer)

 Evaluation/Consultation-$99.00  Veterans Discount-10% 

Basic obedience class covers more than basic commands, it will teach your dog to have:
Proper manners in and out of the home, leadership skills
Improves your relationship with your dog, helps teach your canine gain self control.  
Address most common behavioral issues such as, jumping, potty in house,chewing and much more!
In this class you will teach your dog:Sit, down, sit/stay, down/stay,"Come", "Leave It" ​Heel on leash, auto sit

Intermediate Class ( if dog has had basic obedience training will need to be evaluated to advance to intermediate class)
Wouldn’t it be nice if your trained dog could stay in place while you walked into the other room for a few minutes? Or how nice it would be to have your dog stay by your side when going through a crowd of people? If your dog already knows basic cues, our Intermediate Education course can help your pet achieve the same results in situations involving more distance, duration and distractions .
This program is structured to review and build on the obedience already learned along with additional behaviors.
Longer sit/stay, Longer down/stays, Added distractions, Off Lead
Learn “heel,” “wait” “place" and  more

Certificate given at the end of courses once dog pass all exercises in the obedience program.

Training in your home makes it easy for you and your dog! One on one training is much more personable between you and your dog. Private in home training allows you your dog to get the attention it needs and gives you time with the trainer to ask any additional questions needed. Group classes are a good way to familiarize your dog with other dogs, but does not allow your dog to fully get socialization and playtime needed for dogs to interact.  It is best you schedule play dates or time at a doggy daycare to achieve your dog learning how to be with other dogs. Many people tell me that after they have gone to group classes it seems their dogs are still having behavioral issues at home. The reason is that the home is where the adjustment  needs to be made, it starts there!  

1. Begin with 1-1.5 hour consultation/evaluate what is taking place in the home surroundings.

2. Discuss a plan best suited for you and your dog.  Obedience training will establish you as leader and to make your dog a welcome member of your family.  

3. We will work with you on a time that is best suited for your schedule and set goals for specific needs. Our  private sessions we work with you and your dog one-on-one to teach  basic obedience,  how to handle leash control to resolve problems on the walk and immediate behaviors, such as jumping on people, resource guarding, bolting out doors, and other specific problem behaviors.  To reach your goal we teach  how to effectively communicate with your dog to build a great relationship, and the importance of the follow-through work.

DePaul K9 Academy and Dog Training’s methods are very motivational. We believe that your dog should perform out of love and respect, not fear. Obedience training should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both the dog and the owner. 

You will be a star! Pictures and videos may be posted to website.

Private Lessons