$110.97- (10% discount for seniors, First Responder, Military and Police)

 Go to the service bar, click on Services and select form to be filled out. I will be notified and call you to discuss which package suits your needs for you and your dog and schedule your session(s).

To secure your booking speak with DePaul K9 Academy.

**If we are doing a basic obedience program and your dog has behavior issues we need to address, such as jumping, mouthing, nipping, potty in house,chewing, counter surfing, bolting out the door, resource guarding etc. more time may be needed. Discuss with trainer.

**You will receive homework assignments each week to work on till we meet at our next session.

​​Private Lessons

We start with an evaluation/consultation to develop the best plan suitable for you and your dog(s). The evaluation is for all ages of dogs.  If you have a puppy we start with a puppy introduction at 8-10 weeks of age. This includes everything you need to know about training your new member of your home.


$120.00 Evaluation/consultation- 60-90 minutes 

​$600.00 Obedience Training, Puppy Prep Program,  Intermediate Training, E Collar Training

5 weeks 60-90 minutes (Clients Home)
(Sessions must be completed within 7 weeks to be effective for you and your dog)

$135.00 p/session- Behavior Modification 

Please keep in mind the behavior did not happen over night and there is more involved when working with a dog with a behavior. Most mild behaviors can be addressed in one or two sessions, as long as you follow through on a day to day basis working with your dog. For more severe behaviors, such as resource guarding, dog to dog  aggression, dog to human aggression involves more than 60 minutes and more weeks involved. We will work at your home and public places with these issues.

​​Puppy Course Description -8 to 16 weeks of age
Explaining the rules right away is extremely important when bringing puppy home!
This is a puppy prep program designed for puppies. The class is designed to teach you effective management and handling skills and to develop your puppy’s confidence, attention, response and respect for his/her family.  We will address how to crate training, housebreaking, nipping, mouthing, walking on a leash teach what  pack structure is all about.


Basic obedience 

In this class you will teach your dog: Sit, down, sit/stay, down/stay, "Place", "Break","Come", "Leave It","Drop it", "Off" ​Heel on leash about turn, automatic sit, waiting for food, thresholds(doors, cars, crate) place command
Proper manners in and out of the home, impulse control, leadership skills
Improves your relationship with your dog 

Intermediate Class ( if dog has had basic obedience training will need to be evaluated to advance to intermediate class)

In this class we will review basic obedience and work with your dog on longer sit/stay, Longer down/stays, Added distractions in public places, come "front", and finish.  Off Lead ( remote collar training) if interested
Learn “heel,” “wait” “place" and proper manners in the home when visitors arrive and when you are in public.

We will meet at a public facility to work with your dog.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your trained dog could stay in place while you walked into the other room for a few minutes? Or how nice it would be to have your dog stay by your side when going through a crowd of people? If your dog already knows basic cues, our Intermediate Education course can help your pet achieve the same results in situations involving more distance, duration and distractions .
This program is structured to review and build on the obedience already learned along with additional behaviors.

Certificate given at the end of courses once dog passes all exercises in the obedience program.

Training in your home makes it easy for you and your dog! One on one training is much more personable between you and your dog. Private in home training allows you your dog to get the attention it needs and gives you time with the trainer to ask any additional questions needed. Group classes are a good way to familiarize your dog with other dogs,  allows your dog to socialization and playtime needed for dogs to interact, but you will not receive enough time one-on-one with the trainer to discuss any other problems.  Private training is best to work out any details . It is best you schedule play dates or time at a doggy daycare to achieve your dog learning how to be with other dogs. Many people tell me that after they have gone to group classes it seems their dogs are still having behavioral issues at home. There are reasons for this, one is the follow through is extremely important with the owner, also the home is where the adjustment  needs to be made, it starts there!  

1. Begin with 90 minute hour consultation/evaluate the dynamics and energy in the home and surroundings.

2. Discuss a plan best suited for you and your dog.  Obedience training will establish you as leader and to make your dog a welcome member of your family.  

3. We will work with you on a time that is best suited for your schedule and set goals for specific needs. Our  private sessions we work with you and your dog one-on-one to teach  basic obedience,  how to handle leash control to resolve problems on the walk and immediate behaviors, such as jumping on people, resource guarding, bolting out doors, and other specific problem behaviors.  To reach your goal we teach  how to effectively communicate with your dog to build a great relationship, and the importance of the follow-through work.

4. You will need to be committed to working with your dog 30 minutes a day.

DePaul K9 Academy and Dog Training’s methods are very motivational. We believe that your dog should perform out of love and respect, not fear. Obedience training should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both the dog and the owner. 

You will be a star! Pictures and videos may be used on website and social media for educational purposes only.

Private Lessons