Puppy Prep Program

Introduction to what to expect with your new puppy

Private In Home Training- 60-90 minute sessions
  Puppies 8-14 weeks of age

Puppy prep program $600.00- 6 weeks

We are glad you decided to enroll in our puppy class.  The puppy class is  the most important class you will attend with your dog because it sets the foundation for forming good habits for a lifetime relationship between you and your puppy that in  no time grows to be the adult dog. By setting the foundation you will have a well-balanced dog and a peaceful home.

The timing between 2 and 4 months is short, but very important. Broken down into behavioral phases, this is a critical time of the socialization period.  Time for intense bonding, this is the time when you need to allow your puppy to soak up as much of the world as possible. The socialization is the foundation fore his/her life.

So what is learned in this early time (the rules)will be the basis for all knowledge in the future. This includes teaching the puppy that you and all other humans in the home are the boss, so it is important to understand the leadership skills required for you to have a successful trained dog. If you do not take the role of the leader the puppy will assert herself/himself as the leader and dog will be difficult to train and bad behaviors will develop.


The class is designed to teach you effective management and handling skills and to develop a puppy’s confidence, attention, response and respect for its family.

It is so exciting what your puppy can learn from a puppy class.! Getting a new puppy is exciting but a little scary at times when you are not sure where to start especially if you have never owned a dog. From the very moment you bring your puppy home it is important that you set boundaries. It is important for your puppy to learn good bite inhibition. which means teaching your puppy to have gentle jaws. Puppies need to build their confidence and social skills for interacting with other dogs and people, to enjoy being handled by strangers.  

In this program you and your puppy will learn:

Feeding schedules, crate training, how to house break your puppy, how to socialize your puppy introducing sights and sounds, wait for food,  sleep schedules, chewing, boundaries


This program is perfect for puppies 8 to 14  weeks of age. Puppies at this age are too young to fully benefit from obedience work but are still very impressionable and able to understand many positive things through being consistent with routine and repetition! They may not be able to hold an attention span like the adult dog but beginning with some basic training will start your puppy off right. By teaching the above commands your puppy will learn to respond quickly and reliably to verbal cues to come, sit, lie down, stand and stay in the midst of heavy distractions and without the reliance of training aids. This program gets things in motion for your puppy to go right into basic obedience training.


TBA (to be announced)For group classes- Classes closes one week prior to class or when limit is reached.    Please fill out all information provided on form.  Go to the Puppy Class Enrollment Form.


Please bring the Health certificate with you to the first class. It must be completed/signed by your veterinarian, this is for private and group classes. Remember: that the first class is the Orientation. Please leave your puppy at home. Ask for a copy from your veterinarian or from DePaul K9 Academy to take to your veterinarian to be completed and signed.

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