If you live in a different location or locally, we offer phone/video consultations. You will be able to chat with Carol in a one-on-one session about your specific issues at hand. During your session, Carol will address and assess your situation and coach you on plenty of strategies to work with and implement into life with your dog.​​

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Phone Consult  $85.00- 1 hour

Phone Consult $50.00

Face Time/Skype 

Rate: $95.00 1 HOUR

Need Help? At times we are not in a position to meet with trainers. Carol offers a one-on-one Skype/Face Time consultation for you and your dog to help you through issues you may be having.  You can show her through a Skype session what you are working on with your dog and direct you the way to correct a problem.
We also have trainer recommendations all over the country, so let us know if you would rather find someone to work with in-person! 

Click on one of the BUY Now buttons.  Go to the blue services bar  at top and fill out the form under service button and select phone consult/skype or facetime training.. Please send me a text at 321-960-0326 with your name and I will contact you to schedule time for our session.         

​Skype, Facetime and Phone Consultations